1. Look for companies lead by someone from Europe or Australia. It will be more expensive but on the other hand, you will not have to travel to the Philippines for every order.

2. Check everything. Promises and samples are not enough.

3. Be patient. Filipinos have time for everything. 

4. Don’t discuss with them about business opportunities, future and visions. Filipinos focus on the present.

5. Prepare for answering questions about your faith. For Filipinos, it is normal to ask a question about religion and it would be rude to not answer them. 

6. Hire some local people.  You will safe money on fees and tips during personal meetings.

7. Do not hesitate to create close relationships with Filipinos.

8. Be ready for negative reactions from your surrounding. Manila is many people perceive as a “sexual destination”

9. Do not hesitate to use services of chambers of commerce. It is cheaper than unsuccessful business travel.

10. Participate in some business missions organized by the Chamber or under the auspices of the Chamber or one of the representatives of the Chamber.