According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CZ and SK citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovakia can enter the Philippines as tourist without a visa if the stay does not exceed the period of 30 days. For entrance there is required to have valid passport for at least six months beyond the expected stay in the Philippines and a return ticket or a ticket to another destination. Without the return ticket or connecting flight passengers will not be admitted into the country.

In case of traveling in Philippines over 30 days you need to apply for a visa. The consulate can issue a tourist visa for single entry valid for 59 days and a tourist visa with the possibility of multi entry for 6 months or a year.

Other types of visas can only be issued by the embassy in prague.

Bring with you for get a visa:

1. completed form (visaform, )

2. photograph of a passport size

3. return ticket

4. insurance for stay

5. valid passport

6. feedback form (Feedback form)